About Christine Seraphin

Lights, Camera, Action!


With her noteworthy performance as “Dinah” in the 2020 featured film biography, “Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding” (directed by Hermine Huntgeburth), another passion resurfaces as Christine Seraphin brings the best of both worlds together - music and acting. Christine gives a short, powerful, and stellar performance along side Jan Bülow as the character “Dinah” (inspired by U.S. jazz singer, Dinah Washington). A new face in the German film scene, Christine has actually never been a stranger to the lights. From her first piano recital at the age of 7, Christine knew what she loved to do most- perform! Developing her command of the stage through music, Christine took every opportunity to share her gift. Throughout her childhood and adolescence in the USA, she joined and toured with big bands and choirs, which led her to more soloist roles and eventually she found herself fancying the dynamic world of musical theater. With 15, she began acting classes and in the years to follow she performed in well-known pieces like Cabaret, Working, and The Wizard of Oz. Christine was quickly recognized for her powerful stage presence, infectious humor, and incredibly expressive vocal performance.

Fast forward to 2020, Christine Seraphin stands along side Germany’s musical legends, renowned directors and actors like Udo Lindenberg, Hermine Huntgeburth, and Jan Bülow as she reaches her dreams on the big screen!